Pass Stress Free

It can cost a veritable fortune to pass a drug test if you’ve been using marijuana for quite some time. Marijuana is a fat soluble drug and this makes it one of the most difficult substances to clean out of the human body in advance of a drug test. Through pure abstinence alone, you may be able to take a clean test within just 30 to 40 days. Unfortunately, most people don’t have this amount of time before they must show up at testing labs, ready to produce toxin-free, urine samples. That’s why they often wind up spending countless dollars on products to expedite this process, and frequently, with less than desirable results. Following are a few tips for making sure that you test clean, and without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Stop Trying To Clean Your Urine

You shouldn’t spend a fortune on 100 percent pure cranberry juice or any other products that are meant to clean or mask the urine. Because THC is fat soluble, new toxins will show up in your urine samples each time your body burns off more of its fat stores. To eliminate marijuana, you’re going to need a high-fiber product like TestClear and a diligent exercise program. When paired with a healthy and low-fat diet, this tends to be the most effective and cost-effective solution.

The Problem With Using Zinc

You may have heard that zinc is the best supplement to take. This does indeed work given that it can effectively mask THC in your urine. One thing to note, however, is that many labs are aware of this technique and its efficacy and overall popularity. If too much zinc is found in your urine, your test results will be deemed invalid and you’ll be asked to test again.

Sign Up For Supplier And Manufacturer Mailing Lists

Always be sure to look for a TestClear coupon before investing in this product and using it. There are simply too many promotional codes, coupon offers and other discounts available to not take advantage of them. You can look for these offers on third-party coupon platforms, seller websites, and on the official website of the product manufacturer. It’s also a good idea to join a few company mailing lists given that when you do, these entities will send their offers directly to you.

Get An Early Start

Start looking for a high-value TestClear coupon as soon as you possibly can. It generally takes about 10 to 14 days for this product to work its magic. If you have even less time than this, you may be able to get rid of toxins from marijuana use within just six to 10 days by using an expedited dosing schedule. Starting early will not only give you a higher likelihood of succeeding, but it will additionally make it easy to save money on this purchase.

Eat Right And Exercise Often

Part of getting optimal results with the TestClear formula is eating right and exercising regularly. Given that the majority of the THC in your body is stored right in your fat cells, you’ll want to burn as many of these off as you possibly can. Even though you shouldn’t rely on cranberry juice or water alone while detoxing, you do want to drink plenty of fluids. Rather than diluting or purifying the urine, these fluids will be helping your body flush out the fat cells that it’s recently broken down. You should also eat plenty of high-fiber and healthy foods to supplement the fiber that you’re getting from the TestClear formula. After all, losing your job or your freedom as the result of a dirty urine test is the most expensive mistake that you can make.

Make Sure You’ll Be Taking A Urine Test

One important point that many people overlook is the fact that not all companies and organizations order urine tests. You don’t want to spend any significant amount of money or time on efforts to produce a clean urine sample if you’ll really be having your saliva or your hair tested instead. Due to this fact, before you use your TestClear coupon or spend any of your hard-won cash, try to verify the type of testing that will be performed on the day of your actual drug screening.