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Making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapes is highly recommended for many reasons. If you are a cigarette smoker, it is important you get as much information as possible about vapes before making a decision. This knowledge will help to prevent any unrealistic expectations and disappointments. Once you make the switch, you will be happy you made this decision. Read on to learn more about electronic cigarettes and e-cig coupons.

Knowing Your E-Cig

An e-cig is an electronic device that is made to resemble a traditional cigarette. Inside the device is a long-lasting Li-ion battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. The device also has indicator lights to show the level of the charge as well as the flow rate of the nicotine vapor through the atomizer. The main function of the battery is to store the energy needed to power the atomizer. The atomizer, on the other hand, is responsible for converting nicotine liquid into nicotine vapor. This component is normally located in the middle of the e-cig. At the end of the e-cig is a cartridge, which is basically a container that holds the nicotine liquid. Some cartridges hold the nicotine liquid in its pure form while others have a nicotine-soaked sponge or wick. The main benefit of using a cartridge that only has the nicotine liquid inside is that you can easily check the level of the liquid remaining in the cartridge.

When buying an e-cig, you only need to pay attention to the price, size, and rating of the battery. The best batteries are usually those with an energy-storage capacity of 3000mAh. If you can find a battery that is compatible with your e-cig but has a higher energy storage capacity, you should buy it.

How to Make the Switch

Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health, but you have already heard about this for a long time. There is no good reason, therefore, to continue smoking cigarettes. There are alternatives. You can use nicotine chewing gums and patches. The best substitute, however, is using ecigs. Please note that traditional cigarettes contain over a dozen dangerous chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer among other types of serious health problems. On the other hand, e-cigs only produce nicotine vapor in its pure form, which means that users can get their dose of this powerful stimulant, but without the harmful effects of smoking.

Once you have decided to make the switch, you only need to identify a suitable ecig brand as well as the best vendor. In that regard, you should do all your shopping at the Madvapes e-cig store. The firm offers a wide range of products that you can analyze before making a purchase. All you need to do is identify the best brand and order a starter kit.

Madvapes Coupon

Ecig vendors normally offer a wide range of coupons. Madvapes coupons offer a wide range of special offers. The first coupon offers free shipping on purchases worth over $100. The second coupon offers up to 80% off selected items. There is also a wide range of products that come at discounted prices. By claiming any of these coupons, you will be able to get a huge discount.

It is important you analyze some of the benefits offered by the coupon to assess the monetary benefits you are likely to get when you redeem a coupon. If you stand to save more from free shipping, then you should pick that coupon. If you want to buy an e-cig product that may qualify you for a huge discount, you should use a coupon that will give you the biggest benefit. It is important to note that some coupons offer huge benefits. For instance, some coupons enable consumers to get one product free after one other product is purchased. Others offer a free product after a purchase of two similar products.

Once you have purchased an e-cig starter kit, you will only need to charge the battery on a regular basis and refill the cartridge with your preferred choice of e-juice. Every now and then, you can replace the battery and change the flavor of the e-juice to ensure you enjoy a superior vaping experience.